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Tenacity, camaraderie and creativity in the face of adversity

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, tens of thousands of our colleagues – essential workers for whom it is simply not possible to work from home – have braved the world beyond their front doors to deliver critical services for our customers and communities every day. 

To protect them and everyone they come into contact with, we are committed to following best practice prevention procedures as required by our customers and defined by international and national public health agencies. 

For example, the wearing of face coverings is a key element in guidance published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Accordingly, where appropriate, it has become Serco policy throughout our operations in North America. 

Always ready to face any challenge head on, our teams have embraced this new normal in great spirit and style, and with their usual camaraderie and sense of fun. 

For example, volunteers from our Systems Integration & Installation (SI2) sites in Florida, Virginia and California made more than 1,500 reusable masks for their 750 waterfront colleagues in less than two weeks during April. 

Colleagues in the business were already developing health kits for our waterfront teams, whose work on ships, submarines and shore bases is deemed essential by the US Department of Defense (DoD). However, when the CDC and the DoD made the wearing of masks mandatory at naval facilities, it became immediately apparent that the number of masks needed would be much greater. 

A call went out across the SI2 business – asking for help to produce enough reusable masks to cover the new demand. Supplies were gathered and ‘mask-making kits’ sent to all the volunteers, who then worked evenings and weekends to fulfil the order. The completed masks were then issued to all waterfront colleagues from our SI2 warehouses – no small operation in itself. 

Mask design competitions and gifting homemade masks to colleagues have become popular, and one lucky individual has already received a good number – none other than the Chief Executive for Serco Americas, Dave Dacquino: 

“I’m always moved by the generous and charitable creativity of our teams,” said Dave. “I’m delighted with my new collection and wear each mask with pride. Beyond this, I continue to be impressed by the leadership and good spirit shown by our teams in response to Covid-19. Now more than ever, we and our customers need and value our colleagues’ tenacity in the face of adversity. Their capacity to keep going for the public good whilst supporting each other – and having some fun along the way – sets a fine example for the world.”