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We are with you – keeping Pride alive and meaningful during Coronavirus

Ed Jervis 
Chair, In@Serco 

It is our privilege to support our colleagues while they care for some of the most vulnerable people in society – both at work and in their personal lives. Throughout Covid-19, whilst protecting and providing for the work and wellbeing of our whole workforce, we have not lost sight of our colleague communities and their distinct needs. 

We have many colleagues who have become more vulnerable and disadvantaged during Covid-19, including those enduring adverse lockdown conditions. Our LGBT+ community are among those so affected. 

It has always been our honour to support our LGBT+ colleagues. In 2020, throughout varying states of lockdown and isolation experienced around the world, we have worked to help create for them a powerful and supportive atmosphere of collective purpose, safety and pride. 

Through our participation in Pride events we seek to show our LGBT+ colleagues how much we cherish them and are proud to have them on our team. This year we wanted to help bring Pride home for everyone whilst reaching out to say, ‘We are still with you.’ We focused on bringing them together in different ways – engaging them in keeping their Pride alive and meaningful and taking the opportunity to refresh and reconnect with our shared agenda. 

For example: we rediscovered the history of Pride together through virtual events and resources; we provided a ‘Virtual Pride’ action pack, filled with ideas and advice, including details of other events, charities and networks and guidance for managing challenging personal issues and circumstances; and many colleagues contributed personal video messages for all to hear and take heart from. 

We were delighted by their positive, energetic response. We might not have been present at Pride this year, but Pride was certainly present at Serco – in our workplaces and in our homes – and just as positive, vibrant and authentic as ever.