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Volunteering to help the most vulnerable

There is perhaps no better demonstration of our colleagues’ personal drive to make a positive difference to society than the large number of our people across the UK who, whilst working reduced hours in response to public lockdown, volunteered their time, effort and expertise in whatever ways they were most needed. 

Our team of Civil Enforcement Officers who usually provide parking services to the London Borough of Brent did just that. With public travel and parking greatly reduced from April until June, the team was operating at half strength. When Brent Council asked for help with their operation to ensure vulnerable citizens could still access food during the crisis, our Civil Enforcement colleagues – many of whom are local to Brent themselves – gladly got involved. 

“These are difficult and unprecedented times,” said Savio Moraes, Serco Civil Enforcement Supervisor, who took the lead on the food service redeployment. “We take great pride coming together with the community to help vulnerable shielded residents.” 

The team initially provided parking services and packaging support for the Council’s temporary food distribution hub at the Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre. As the impact of the crisis became more severe, however, they stepped up to deliver food parcels to the homes of the most vulnerable, doing so without hesitation and with the utmost care for the safety of those citizens. Many also volunteered to support the Council by patrolling parks to encourage observance of social distancing policy. 

Simon Finney, Head of Service for Brent Council, said: “Without the Serco team we really would have struggled to set up and maintain the food delivery service. They were an invaluable aspect of the operation.”