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Putting a caring and trusted face to workplace wellbeing

Our contribution to the social and economic wellbeing of communities across the United Arab Emirates includes operating essential, iconic transport systems like the Dubai Metro and Tram. Every day, our 2,000 Metro and Tram colleagues ensure that half a million passengers reach their destinations safely, comfortably and on time. 

Rozanne Ilang-ilang is one of our Wellbeing Champions, enabling our colleagues to do this by helping them maintain high levels of good health. Rozanne joined Serco as a Dubai Metro Train Attendant in 2011. Three years later, when she saw her current role of Occupational Health Coordinator advertised, Rozanne leapt at the opportunity: 

“I fell in love with helping people to be fit and healthy in the Philippines, where I trained as a nurse and worked in an emergency room. Through the Occupational Health role, I saw an opportunity to bring that into my work with Serco.” 

For Rozanne, the importance of colleague health and wellbeing cannot be overstated: 

“Many of our colleagues live far from home, focused on their jobs and providing for loved ones they have left behind. Without support, there’s a risk they might not take adequate care of themselves. For us, it’s a top priority. Not only does it improve their quality of life both inside and outside of work, it improves attendance, productivity and performance, all of which adds up to better experiences and outcomes for our colleagues and service users alike.” 

For example, Dubai Metro and Tram station agents can work from a ticket booth for several hours at a time whilst interacting with the public continuously. 

“It’s a very demanding role,” says Rozanne. “We supplement standard health and safety measures with additional support and resources to help them and enhance service delivery, such as training in personal resilience, ergonomic working and how to manage difficult situations.” 

Working with four colleagues from across the Contract, Rozanne creates, coordinates and delivers a comprehensive schedule of campaigns and events every year. For her, highlights include the annual Beat Diabetes Walk (always attended by up to 250 Metro and Tram colleagues), breast cancer awareness courses and onsite blood donation drives. 

Colleagues considered to be more at risk are a principal focus for Rozanne when developing the wellness calendar: 

“We keep our eyes open for anyone who may need additional support, such as those who are older, pregnant or who have underlying health conditions like diabetes.” 

Rozanne’s approach as a Wellbeing Champion has not only received wide-spread, positive response among her colleagues, but is also recognised and valued by our customers, including the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, who regularly seek her advice and actively participate in Serco wellness events. 

Rozanne attributes success to putting a trusted face to workplace wellbeing, as well as management support: 

“It’s incredibly important to get out there and show our people that their health and wellbeing is our priority. We and the management team make sure we are always involved and always available for anyone and everyone in need of guidance or support. And we listen. By encouraging our colleagues to tell us what matters most to them, what issues they are facing and what they want to know more about, we can better provide for their needs. Slowly but surely, we are creating a culture – here and across all of Serco Middle East – in which wellbeing is valued and embraced and staying healthy is second nature.”