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One STEP for Serco, one giant leap for early career talent

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In early 2019, Caitlynn Moffett, then a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate, was contemplating her options for a summer internship. Like her peers, she feared they would all be a slow grind of mindless, menial tasks.

But there was one that looked a little different…

"The reality was beyond my wildest dreams, Serco work really hard to make the most of their early career talent."

Two years later, Caitlynn is flying high as Lead Powertrain Engineer on our team supporting the US Navy PMS 377 Amphibious Warfare Program. Caitlynn works with our customer at their test facility in Panama City, Florida, helping to keep their ship-to-shore hovercraft – capable of transporting heavy naval equipment onto any beach in the world – mission ready.

Caitlynn had applied for a place on the Serco Training and Experience Program (STEP), offering engineering, technical and business internships during the summer for university students.

Nicole Caliri, Talent & Organizational Development Manager, said: “We provide Serco interns an unparalleled grounding in the real world of work – to open their eyes and, in the words of our CEO, ‘get their hands dirty’.”

Caitlynn Moffett

Dave Dacquino, Serco Americas Chief Executive, personally makes sure all STEP interns know how valued they are:

“He took the time to get to know us and wanted to hear our ideas – it was so unexpected and demonstrated just how much we matter to the Company. On my first day in my new job, he called to wish me well, which meant so much to me. I’ve never heard of such a caring CEO, and it’s true of everyone in Serco – it’s a huge part of why I wanted to join.”

Caitlynn has encountered many strong female role models in Serco as well:

“People talk about our industry being male-dominated, but I’ve met some amazing, powerful women here.”

At the end of that first summer, Caitlynn was asked if she wanted to stay on until graduation. Though wary of taking on too much – college and her corporate role, at the same time – Caitlynn loved both, said yes, and never looked back.

They say, ‘fortune favours the bold’, and this proved true for Caitlynn. In 2019, Serco had acquired what became its new Maritime Engineering, Technology and Sustainment (METS) business. And so it was that Caitlynn, invited to support at the Annual Leadership Conference in January 2020, found herself in conversation with METS senior management.

So impressed with Caitlynn were the METS team that, while she completed her degree, concluded her internship, and started applying for roles at Serco, they kept their eyes open for opportunities to bring her aboard.

Caitlynn was about to accept an offer to join another Serco team when she got a phone call – METS had a vacancy and they wanted her to interview.

Caitlynn joined METS in her current role in May 2020 and has been flourishing.

In October 2020, Caitlynn received an Amphibious Warfare Operation Excellence Award in response to customer feedback on her ‘work ethic, technical knowledge and get-it-done attitude’.

Vincent Stammetti, Senior Vice President – METS, said: “Caitlynn has made an outstanding impact by coordinating with various Government engineers and by completing work to the highest standards of engineering professionalism.”

US Navy aircraft carrier at sea

I have an amazing manager and a great team around me. They really respect my opinion and seek my advice – which I still find incredible given I’ve only been here one year and some of them have been here 20. I really appreciate having a voice and being valued.

Caitlynn Moffett

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