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Pushing forward for progress – building careers and a more inclusive future at Serco

Richard Kuti (above, fourth from right) is a devoted husband and father, ambitious career-builder and a proactive champion for diversity and inclusion. Richard joined Serco through an intensive development programme, growing and gaining experience through placements at the London Cycle Hire Scheme and Bexley Environmental Services. He has also dedicated himself to advancing Serco’s multicultural agenda – one of our four diversity focus areas. 

Today he is Head of Analytics and Information Management for Serco Environmental Services, and leads our multicultural network, Serco Embrace, which he helped to launch in 2018. 

Both roles have become more demanding during Covid-19 and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. Richard attributes his ability to maintain focus on career progression amidst other priorities to knowing what he wants and why he wants it: 

“I want to provide for my children; not just financially, but as a role model and by contributing to a world in which there are fewer challenges and limitations. It will be not be easy for them, but I want them to feel they can do anything; I want to teach them it is possible. This is what underpins my commitment to Serco through my business role, and to everyone in Serco through the Embrace network.” 

Richard believes that the experience and relationships he has gained in Serco have helped him better understand his motivations and ambitions. He also draws energy from the vital nature of the work he does: 

“I feel proud to be part of delivering so many important services to citizens. I really get a kick out of helping people – seeing them respond positively to what we do lets me know I'm making a difference.” 

For Richard, opening yourself up to opportunity and adopting the right mindset is key: 

“There is a lot of opportunity for development here. I’ve always been encouraged to look beyond my immediate business area and be invested in Serco’s overall success. It’s also important to get stuck into as many challenges as you can. At Serco we are always working on new ideas and I’ve learned a great deal being part of several teams delivering new solutions for our customer.” 

Regarding diversity and inclusion, Serco’s own developmental journey is extremely important to Richard, and he sees the organisation pushing to be more inclusive: 

“We have fantastic people who are passionate about getting this right. We are challenging ourselves to address the issues. We are asking braver questions – and I believe that if we tackle those questions together now, we’ll reach the answers much sooner.” 

For Richard – as with his own development – success depends on understanding the destination, which includes knowing how diversity affects the business, inside and out: 

“Reflecting and understanding the communities we serve is key to delivering superb service. Our diversity is a huge advantage. Generating greater value from our diversity is inseparable from becoming a better business. Generating greater value for our diversity is where we start.” 

Richard is confident that Serco is heading in the right direction: 

“Serco has achieved a lot in the last few years and our colleagues are out there, every day, doing the same for the communities we serve. There are those who might say we haven’t made enough progress yet, but that’s ok – we’re not ready to accept it either. We are tens of thousands of people serving hundreds of thousands more – we need to reflect society and we are always looking in that mirror, asking ourselves, ‘how can we do better?’ I truly believe that when we, Serco, set our mind to a tangible goal, we will achieve it.”