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In the mountainous surrounds of Hong Kong, road tunnels provide vital commuter links. Each day, more than 90,000 vehicles can pass through the Serco-operated Lion Rock Tunnel
In such a busy system, the safe, smooth-running of the tunnel is down to co-operation and trust


We improve services by managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively.

Learning and Development

At Serco, we believe we hire only the very best people and we want to protect our investment by making sure you grow and develop in every way.   We do all we can to make sure you get maximum learning from your job by placing you in a high performing team, setting clear objectives, creating an atmosphere of collaboration,   curiosity, innovation and challenge, supported by a strong coaching culture.


We believe that it is the myriad 'acts of leadership' which make us so treasured by our customers - this means that everyone has to be a leader some of the time, even if they are not in a formal leadership role.   To this end, we commit to helping you to develop your personal, communication skills and influencing skills so that you can achieve your highest goals.

Serco Management System - People Commitments

We want to create, develop and lead highly motivated competent teams who have up to date skills and live Serco's values.

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Last Updated: 16 Mar 2016