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Gifts and Hospitality

Gifts and hospitality mean anything of value that you give or accept, either directly or in kind.

Any gift or hospitality you accept from someone should be something that you would be able to give them as a proper and appropriate business expense. "Proper and appropriate" is what matters. For instance, if an existing supplier invites you to share a box at a football match, you should record this, but it is appropriate. However, if a prospective supplier hoping to get a contract from you does the same, that is not appropriate.

The recording of gifts and hospitality offered or received is an important aspect of Serco's procedures for preventing bribery and corruption within its business. To register any gift or hospitality given or received by you, use the Serco standard online gifts and hospitality register.

Management approval must be obtained and recorded for all gifts and hospitality offered, given or received which are valued at £100 or above (or equivalent in local currency). You can do this directly with your Manager or through the Gifts and Hospitality Register. The system will email your gifts and hospitality submission to your manager for approval.

Click here to go to our Gifts and Hospitality Register.

You can also access the Gifts and Hospitality Register through the sayno toolkit.