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Know it

What's Our Code for?

Our Code tells us all what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. Together with our values and our policies and standards, it is an integral part of the Serco Management System, which defines the way we run our business.

Complying with Our Code

Our Code isn't a contract of employment, but once you are employed by us you must follow Our Code. If you don't, it can have serious consequences. Many parts of Our Code are based on laws and regulations. If we don't obey these, the Company or individuals could face fines, legal penalties or even imprisonment.

But violating Our Code also damages our reputation, and undermines the trust of our customers, our people and the communities we work among.

So as well as obeying the laws of the country we work in, we should always comply with Our Code, and never knowingly allow or encourage anyone to do anything that violates it. And if we think there is a violation, we should report it. Any of us can be dismissed, or even face criminal proceedings, if we fail to do these things.


When Our Code refers to "You" that doesn't mean some people don't have to comply. "You" means all of us, whatever job we do at Serco. It also includes everyone who works with us in a full time, part time or temporary job, and all the contractors we work with around the world.

We are also determined to only work with partners, third parties and customers whose standards are consistent with ours.

Your feedback

We welcome your comments and suggestions for improving Our Code and our other policies and standards. If you think there's something missing, or something we can improve, let us know. Send your comments or suggestions to speakup@serco.com

Serco's responsibilities

Wherever Serco operates, we must comply with local laws and respect Human Rights and dignity. We also set ourselves standards of behaviour and insist that they are met. We should always act with integrity and honesty, and with consideration for the environments, communities and societies we work among.

Here is a list of the things you can expect from us. They are things we should always do; but we also need everyone's help to make sure they are always being done.

We should always:

  • Provide a working environment where Our Code and our Values are actively supported.
  • Make sure everyone who works for us or with us understands Our Code and knows how to apply it.
  • Do our best to make sure everyone is complying with Our Code.
  • Encourage everyone to seek help and advice if they are unsure about what to do, or concerned that Our Code is being violated.
  • Provide confidential resources for everyone to get advice or report Code violations.
  • Support and protect anyone who reports a violation or helps an investigation, and make certain there is no retaliation of any kind against them.
  • Deal effectively with any concerns about conduct.
  • Only work with partners, third parties and customers who share our ethical standards.
  • Put improvements into place quickly after we have identified them, and remedy any wrongdoing we have identified as soon as possible.

Your responsibilities

Whatever your position at Serco, you are responsible for your own actions and behaviours, and for reporting violations of Our Code.

If you work for us, or with us, we expect you to always:

  • Know, Use and Live Our Code.
  • Attend all the training sessions we ask you to attend, so you learn how to live Our Code, and comply with all the laws, policies and regulations that apply to your job.
  • Apply your good judgement to every situation, and ask if you're not sure what to do.
  • Report any concern when you think there may be a violation of Our Code, and never knowingly allow or encourage anyone to do anything that violates Our Code.
  • And co-operate fully if we ask you to help us investigate alleged violations.

A note to managers

You have additional responsibilities to provide leadership and ensure that we never "walk by" an issue or incident that should be addressed. You should make sure your people understand Our Code, its implications, and how to apply it. It's also really important that you let everyone know they will be supported and protected for doing the right thing.

You will find lots more about your responsibilities, and Serco's policies and standards, in the Serco Management System. But if you are still not clear what to do, always talk it over with your manager.