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In a situation and not sure what to do?

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, unsure of the right decision to make or you simply need in the moment guidance, the Serco SayNo Tool and App can help.

It gives you the specific and practical guidance you need when dealing with external third parties to know when to say no, how to say no and what to do if it is not possible to say no.

It is designed to help anyone facing a situation which does not have a clear answer and which managed incorrectly could lead to accusations of bribery.

SayNo Tool and App

Our SayNo Tool and App deals with a number of different issues. One of them may be relevant to the one you are facing. So why not check it out?

You can find it online at http://serco.saynotoolkit.net, or download the app using one of the following links:

Microsoft (for Windows Phone):


Google (for Android):


Apple (for iOS):