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Wandoo Reintegration Facility
Wandoo Reintegration Facility

Bringing service to life

Here are just a few examples of how we bring service to life

Bringing service to life in the Wandoo Reintegration Facility, Australia

With prison populations across the globe rising Governments are putting greater emphasis on breaking the cycle of reoffending. Working with the Western Australia Government, Serco has helped develop and run the Wandoo Reintegration Facility, since 2012, to help young male offenders make the successful transition back into their communities and break the cycle of reoffending. To see how Serco brings this service to life watch this short video.



Based in Perth Western Australia the 80-bed facility prepares 18 to 24 year old minimum security, male offenders for successful release through education, training and courses in life skills and job readiness.  Drawing on Serco's experience and success at developing reintegration programs across the globe we place particular emphasis on delivering work skills, practical life skills and emotional support that recognise the particular cultural needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.



In addition to skills development we partner with agencies such as Mission Australia, whose case officers will work with offenders before and after they are released to target issues like alcohol and drug abuse, accommodation, employment and family links.

As a result the Wandoo facility has an over 90% success rate in preventing reoffending and was recently recognized by the Government of Western Australia Inspector of Prisons as providing an innovative, well-functioning facility that should have a positive impact on recidivism and justice outcomes for Western Australia. Click here to find out more.  To find out more about Wandoo and their innovative programs click here.


...the OICS report on the Wandoo Reintegration Facility

Bringing service to life

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Last Updated: 18 May 2015