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Serco Management System

is the Group's mandatory management framework within which all parts of Serco must operate

Serco Management System

The Serco Management System (SMS) is the Group's management framework which describes how we do business.  It defines the rules which govern the way we operate, deliver our strategy and the way we behave.

At the heart of the SMS are 12 Group policy areas (made up of 15 policy statements) and 23 Group standards. These policies and standards define the minimum standards we must achieve.  They focus on the mandatory elements that must be applied across the Serco Group.  Building on these strong foundations are divisional and local management systems which are all aligned with the SMS.

The SMS is applied in the context of our Governing Principles and endorsed by the plc Board.

By operating within the SMS, we make sure we:

  • have clear levels of accountability and governance
  • embed our values and expected behaviours in everything we do
  • operate consistently in order to driving efficiency
  • support and build our reputation
  • ensure that we operate with honesty and integrity

Strategy & Vision

Our vision and strategy

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Culture and Values

Our products and processes differentiate us from our competitors. But this goes deeper. The fundamental difference at Serco comes from the unique culture and values that underpin the way we run the company and the way we behave.

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Last Updated: 29 Jul 2016