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Governance Conduct Ethics 1
Governance Conduct Ethics 2

We have a clear

process for assessing and dealing with ethical dilemmas

Dealing with ethical issues

We are transparent about our handling of ethical, social and human rights issues so that we are clear about how we have reached our decisions.

Each Divisional Executive Management Team reviews ethical and social considerations as part of its annual strategic planning round.  Ethical dilemmas are also assessed and considered within the Business Lifecycle process.

Serco recognises that it can be a force for good and will consider operating in countries with known human rights issues, provided we would not be connected to any abuses either directly by our employees or through third parties which we are associated with through our operations.  Serco does not intend to work in countries where:

  • we would be breaching international sanctions, or
  • the local population has shown (for example through fair elections) that it does not want foreign businesses operating in the country

Where Serco has influence and believes it can use that influence to improve others' respect for human rights, Serco has the option, but not the requirement, to do so

If a significant ethical or human rights consideration is raised, it is reviewed by the Divisional Executive Management Team.  Agreed direction is then communicated to management.  Where a significant ethical issue arises it is raised to the Executive Committee for a final decision.

The Executive Committee determines Serco's position in relation to new geographic markets, opportunities and activities that have been identified as presenting an ethical dilemma which:

  • have implications across the Group
  • represent a significant reputational risk to the Group
  • a Divisional or Group Function wishes to seek clarification on the Company's position on

Operations in a new country where Serco does not currently operate are subject to a full ethical and Human Rights risk assessment and approved by the Executive Committee prior to any commitments or contractual arrangements being agreed.

Last Updated: 18 May 2015