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Governance Conduct Ethics 1
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All employees contribute to

our reputation. It is therefore important that employees adhere to the law, our policies and standards

Speaking Up

Serco takes malpractice and impropriety extremely seriously.  Where someone believes they have information which demonstrates malpractice, wrongdoing or violations of our Code of Conduct or values, they are required to raise the issue and bring it to management's attention.  This can be done without fear of reprisal. 

Speaking up (or whistleblowing) is the responsibility of every employee.  This includes:

  • behaviour inconsistent with our values
  • improper conduct or unethical behaviour 
  • harassment, violence or bullying
  • abuse of human rights
  • drug or alcohol abuse
  • giving or receiving of bribes or other improper advantages
  • conflicts of interest
  • insider trading
  • competition or anti-trust violations
  • dangers to health and safety or the environment 
  • financial malpractice or impropriety or fraud 
  • misuse of confidential information or reporting
  • improper use of company assets
  • improper use of social media
  • actions which would adversely affect the Company's reputation
  • attempts to conceal any of these

Reports submitted to Serco that allege malpractice or impropriety will be investigated and depending on the results of such investigations may lead to other actions by the Company.

We provide a number of mechanisms for members of staff to raise concerns including a Serco Ethics Hotline details of which are provided in our Code of Conduct.

Our standards are set out in the attached Speaking Up Group Standard

Code of Conduct

Serco is and always will be a service company, one that makes a difference to the lives of millions of people. But to deliver great service, we need people to be completely confident that we will always do the right thing.

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Last Updated: 15 Feb 2016