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Finance and Commercial 1
Finance and Commercial 2

We understand the

financial implications of our actions and manage commercial and financial risks

Finance and Commercial

Effective management of our financial and commercial approach has supported Serco's growth safeguarding the financial interests of the company.

Wherever we operate the financial integrity of our business is maintained to provide us with a secure future.  We have defined processes and operate the business within a clear financial controls framework.  This structure is made up of our Finance Operating Model (FOM), financial processes, controls and reporting requirements.  It also covers tax and treasury and the need for complete, accurate and robust financial modelling.

Our controls reflect our operating model and risk profile.  Our assurance programmes validate the operation of key controls and provide assurance to the business that it has a safe and controlled financial control environment.  We define our core financial processes and have global process standards.  We have a commercial framework that provides clarity on policy, process and control.  This single way of working drives value through the business.

Our commitment is embedded in our policy statement.

Our Policies and Standards

Detailed below are our Policy Statements and a selection of Group Standards that are not classified as internal documents.

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Last Updated: 18 May 2015