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Wherever we work

we must make sure that we maintain a sustainable working environment


Serco is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment, wherever we operate and specifically where our activities have the potential to adversely affect the environment.  We aim to identify and reduce our environmental impacts, by minimising the use of energy and other resources and by reflecting our principles of sustainable development in all our activities.  Our policy and guiding principles on environmental issues are embedded in our business through our management systems.

The Governance Team is responsible for the development of policy and company standards, ensuring legal compliance and continual improvement.

The UK Director Ethics and Governance (Divisional Health, Safety and Environment Lead) provides competent professional health, safety and environmental advice to help the Governance Team, Corporate Responsibility and Risk Committee and plc Board.  Along with the other divisional Health Safety and Environmental leads, they form the Health, Safety and Environment Oversight Group. This is supported by specific oversight groups looking at safety significant areas such as aviation and rail safety.

Each division is responsible for developing management systems to meet Group policy and comply with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements relating to their business.  They are required to include environmental performance information in their review of systems and performance.  This information is consolidated into a quarterly assurance report for the Serco Group plc Board.

Alot of our business activities is on our customers' premises and we are therefore not in direct control of the environment within which we operate.  That is why collaborative working with our customers on environmental issues is important.  Serco recognises its responsibility to ensure that any adverse impact on the environment is reduced or, where possible, eliminated by applying the most appropriate management systems at contract level - whether designed by our customers or by ourselves.  Where we are not in control of the working environment, we support our customers in applying their own environmental management systems and objectives.

Our role is also to be proactive and consider initiatives such as re-designing our processes to reduce what we use, recycling, and re-using items - which also improves the overall efficiency of the contract.  Where we have control of environmental programmes, we recognise the importance of understanding the views of stakeholders.  Case study examples of environmental initiatives are provided in our Corporate Responsibility report.

We have developed robust environmental reporting processes based on a set of environmental reporting principles defined in our Basis of Reporting.

Internal audit and internal compliance reviews assess compliance against environmental policy and standards.  Recent audits have identified no material deficiencies and where improvements were identified action plans were agreed with the relevant division.  Our environmental reporting processes and data is annually audited by an external independent auditor.  As a result of this the Serco Group plc Board is assured that appropriate management systems, processes and procedures are in place to manage environmental issues and that each division continues to give these matters appropriate commitment and management attention.

Our Corporate Responsibility report provides details on how we have performed against objectives and also sets out our objectives for the following year

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Last Updated: 15 Feb 2016