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Our approach

to safety is simple: we never compromise

Health and Safety

Our vision is zero harm. Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely.

In recognition of the risks we are required to manage and to ensure a robust efficient health and safety culture, we have developed increasingly rigorous systems and process to control risk and to ensure we meet Serco's policy standards on health and safety.

The directors of Serco Group plc are ultimately responsible throughout the company for policy and ensuring its effective implementation.  The Group Chief Operating Officer champions this on the Serco Group plc Board.

The Governance Team is responsible for the development of policy and company standards, ensuring legal compliance and continual improvement.

Safety Subject Matter Experts in each significant safety area provide competent professional health, safety and environmental advice to help the Governance Team, Corporate Responsibility and Risk Committee and plc Board..  Along with the other divisional Health Safety and Environmental leads, they form the Health, Safety and Environment Oversight Group. This is supported by specific oversight groups looking at safety significant areas such as aviation and rail safety.

Each division presents its board with a quarterly health, safety and environment report on activities, incidents and overall performance.  These reports are consolidated to form the Group quarterly Health, Safety and Environment report which is reviewed by the Executive Committee prior to submission to the plc Board Corporate Responsibility and Risk Committee.

At a local contract level we run a range of initiatives to increase awareness.  Examples of these case studies are provided in our Corporate Responsibility report.

ASSURE is our in-house developed assurance reporting system. This web-based application enables our contracts around the world to record and monitor planned and unplanned events easily, helping us see where and how risks arise. Using this information we can prevent such incidents recurring, and reduce the risk of a major accident.

Internal audit and internal compliance reviews assess compliance against environmental policy and standards.    Recent audits have identified no material deficiencies and where improvements were identified action plans were agreed with the relevant division.  As a result of this the Serco Group plc Board is assured that appropriate management systems, processes and procedures are in place to manage health and safety issues and that each division continues to give these matters appropriate commitment and management attention.

Our Corporate Responsibility report provides details on how we have performed against objectives and also sets out our objectives for the following year

Corporate Responsibility

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Last Updated: 15 Feb 2016