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Serco has a

simple structure, made up of Group, divisions, business units and contracts.

How we manage our business

The Serco Management System (SMS) allows us to devolve management responsibility so that decisions and tasks are undertaken by the people best placed to do so, within a management framework they fully understand.

Our structure is made up of Group, Divisions, Business Units and Contracts.

The Serco Group plc Board sets our strategy and growth objectives, acting in the interests of shareholders and other relevant stakeholders. It scrutinises key areas, such as our financial results and business plans, and delegates authority to a number of standing boards and committees, including the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is responsible for Serco's day-to-day running, ensures the effective direction and control of the business.  The Executive Committee is supported by an Investment Committee.  This Committee ensures appropriate governance and the management of risk and return associated with large or high risk bids, acquisitions, disposals or areas of significant capital expenditure.
Corporate Functions focus on achieving the Group's strategic ambitions, ensuring we maximise our returns while maintaining appropriate controls on the business.

Underpinning the Group structure are a number of divisions.  Each Division is under the direction and control of a CEO who appoints a Divisional Executive Management Team (EMT) to oversee and assess all aspects of operational, financial and strategic performance.  Additionally, the EMT will oversee the identification and management of Risk and Compliance, ethics, health and safety etc. across the Division,.  Some divisions also have legal-entity boards, retaining legal, compliance and other responsibilities.

Business Units
Our divisions are structured into business units. These serve a defined external market and focus on maximising the long-term value and growth we get from it.

Contracts are responsible for operational delivery, client engagement, service excellence, organic growth and driving efficiency.

Full details are provided in our Internal Boards and Committees Group Standard

Where we Operate

Serco operates in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America. Over a quarter of our turnover comes from outside the UK, and the range of our activities varies from region to region. We see increasing scope for using expertise established in one part of the world to grasp emerging opportunities in another.      

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Management and Structure

Our business model is far from conventional: Serco has more than 700 contracts, each managed like a business in its own right.

Last Updated: 18 May 2015