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Information Systems 1
Information Systems 1


We improve services by managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively.

Information Integrity

Serco recognises its responsibility to ensure that any information and data produced meets customer, legislative and regulatory requirements and is accurate, consistent and produced in a timely manner in order to enable effective decision making. 

All information we provide to our customers, other stakeholders and handle internally will be accurate, consistent and timely.  We will record all commercial, business and legal transactions and not make not make misleading, false or exaggerated claims.  To achieve this we have effective document management processes and controls to ensure all documents and records are handled, stored, reviewed and disposed of appropriately.

Our commitments to information integrity and effective management of data are detailed in our Information Integrity policy statement and group standard.

Effectively managing our information, systems and communications is critical. We want our employees to access process and publish information in accordance with Serco's social and ethical principles, legal requirements, with appropriate privacy and security, and in a manner that maintains and enhances the reputation of the company.

Our Acceptable Use Group Standard sets out the behaviours that are required to be adopted, the rules that employees must abide by and the legal requirements that must be complied with when using information systems, which includes the internet, social media and email (whether or not they are provided by Serco and whether or not they are used in or outside of work) to access, process and publish information either owned by or referencing Serco, our employees, clients or business partners.

Last Updated: 18 May 2015