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Information Systems 1
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Using information systems

makes sure we work effectively and efficiently

Information Technology

Our selection, deployment and operation of Information Technology (IT), whilst complying with legal and regulatory requirements, must also maximise operating effectiveness and efficiency and allow us and our client business to innovate and grow.

The intention is that IT effectively supports the operation of our business and achievement of our goals and objectives.  Our focus is on identifying, developing, acquiring and successfully implementing and integrating information systems into existing or new processes.

Serco recognises its responsibility to ensure that its employees access, process and publish information in accordance with our social and ethical principles, legal requirements, with appropriate privacy and security, and in manner that maintains and enhances the reputation of the company.

We maintain an overall IT governance organisation to ensure we co-ordinate and direct our activities in line with the Group strategy.  Each Division has an IT organisation and processes designed to meet their business requirements.

An effective internal control programme monitors and reports on control exceptions, results of self-assessments and third-party audit reviews at Group, divisional, business unit and contract level, in order to provide assurance on value delivery and compliance with applicable standards, laws, regulations and best practice.

Our commitment is defined within our policy statement.

Last Updated: 18 May 2015