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Serco Management System

applies wherever we operate

Our Policy framework

At the core of the Serco Management System (SMS) are the Group Policies and Standards that define the minimum, mandatory standards expected of all employees, enabling us to assure good governance and behave consistently across our business.  It is global in application, and all divisional and local management systems are incorporated into it.

Our policy framework comprises four levels of documentation:

Level 1: Policy
A statement of intent, signed by the Group Chief Executive and approved by the Serco Group plc Board, which defines our commitment in the policy area and applies across the Group.

Level 2: Standard
This sets out the minimum we must do to fulfil a policy commitment, it details the processes and controls that must be in place and who is responsible for doing it.  A Group Standard applies across the Group

Level 3: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
A standard operating procedure (SOP) provides additional in regard to the steps we must follow to address a particular aspect of a Group Standard.  Each SOP  is clearly defined as applying either Group-wide or to a country, division, business unit or contract.

Level 4: Supporting documents and forms
These are documents, forms and other materials referenced in our policies, standards, processes and SOPs.

We have a clear and robust governance process to authorise our policies and standards, and any regional or market enhancements to them.

Our Policies and Standards

Detailed below are our Policy Statements and a selection of Group Standards that are not classified as internal documents.

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Last Updated: 05 Nov 2015