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Quality management supports

the achievement of business objectives and improvement of customer advocacy


Our reputation and capability to grow our business depends on our ability to provide products and services that are of a consistent, reliable and high quality, meeting or exceeding our customers' needs and achieving customer satisfaction.

Embedded within the delivery of our services and products is a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. This increases our probability of enhancing customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of other interested parties. It gives the Company and its customers the confidence that the provision of services and products will be delivered effectively and consistently to the standards required.
The implementation of a quality management system enables the company to analyse customer requirements, define processes that contribute to the achievement of a product or service that is acceptable to the customer and keep those processes under control.

The system provides the framework for continual improvement.  It is designed to monitor and evaluate performance, produce management information and identify components of the service that could be improved.  Our overall objective is therefore to deliver a consistently high level of service throughout our areas of responsibility.

Our Quality policy defines our fundamental approach to managing quality.  This is embedded in our Operations Group Standard.  This is then supported by local quality management systems which embed quality into the way we work.  These are appropriate and proportionate to the nature of the business and are supported by a Quality Manual or similar document which shows the structure of the system, its relationship to Serco Group Policies and Standards and local quality management arrangements.

Responsibilities are defined within management systems and their supporting documentation for those who are involved in the quality aspects of the business.  Managers and staff are responsible for the quality performance of their own organisations and outputs.

Last Updated: 18 May 2015