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About Serco

Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride - our four values shape our individual behaviours and hence the way the company behaves.

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Reimagining public services

Serco Group plc's roots go back to 1929, becoming Serco Limited in 1987 and in 1988 was listed on the London Stock Exchange. Now, Serco is a FTSE top 250 company managing over 500 contracts worldwide. Employing over 50,000 people, we operate internationally across four geographies: UK & Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East and across five sectors: Defence, Justice & Immigration, Transport, Health and Citizen Services. 

A world of experience

Our broad cross sector and international experience means we can transfer emerging best practice, share new service innovations and improve the performance of the public services we manage.

A strong public sector ethos runs through our organisation which is why you will always find our people are motivated to make a positive difference. We constantly evaluate our performance and the efficiency of our operations, as well as the outcomes we achieve for citizens.

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Serco are pioneering new approaches to public services

Meeting the dual demand for greater efficiency and rising service expectations requires a new approach. That is why we take a big picture view, tackling the wholescale transformation of the services we run, be it frontline or back-office. We are able to deliver rapid change and scale-up operations quickly by drawing on global resources, employing the best specialists in each market, instituting more effective systems and empowering our teams to perform better.

This means we are able to design and operate intelligent transport networks, deliver patient centered support services in hospitals, sensitively handle immigration from point-of-entry to repatriation, securely detain and rehabilitate prisoners, ensure the readiness of defence forces and critical military installations, cut the cost of government administration and make it easier for citizens to access the services they need.

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