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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility (CR) is vital to Serco. It encompasses some of the most important aspects of our long-term sustainability: health and safety, the environment, our people and our communities. Being sustainable also requires us to look after the interests of our customers, suppliers and other partners.

We have set two strategic objectives to help us make this vision a reality.

Strategic objective 1: Provide Employee Volunteering Leave

Our employees support causes close to their hearts by volunteering or fundraising for charities and causes in their local communities.  Serco supports these volunteer efforts by offering two days volunteering leave each year to our permanent employees. They can choose to volunteer with their colleagues or to do something individually.

Strategic objective 2: Donate one per cent of our pre-tax profits every year

Reflecting our commitment to making a positive impact on our people and communities, we have set ourselves a global target of investing one per cent of our pre-tax profits back into wider society each year.

We also have a Payroll Giving Program enabling employees to donate directly from their pay packets to charities in Australia and New Zealand.

Every year, we publish a CR report which explains our approach, our recent activities, our performance and our objectives for the next 12 months.