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Meet our graduates

Hear from some of our current graduates about their experiences on the Serco Graduate Program.


Devam (2021-22 cohort)

Graduate ESG Advisor - Safety, Environment & Wellbeing, AsPac

Working at Serco has highlighted the positive impact that a company can have within our community and society. The Graduate Program offers an inimitable platform to not only build not your career, but also your personal and professional skills. The program has provided me with placements that have been challenging and thought-provoking, all while giving me meaningful work and an opportunity to contribute my ideas and insights. There is a direct push from Serco to develop skills and leadership qualities, and it is evident that my colleagues and mentors are invested in my success and wellbeing.

It is rewarding to work in an environment that is this supportive – while doing jobs that genuinely change people’s lives.


Lina (2021-22 cohort)

Junior Business Analyst

Serco is a truly diverse and unique organisation that looks after a broad portfolio of contracts, each supporting key government operations. I've always had an interest in understanding complex business operations, and the Graduate Program has provided me a pathway to explore different functions in a global business and receive unique learning opportunities, notably site-based placements. My placement managers have gone above and beyond in supporting my early career journey and in empowering me to stay curious.

If you are proactive, open-minded and hands-on, the program provides a safe environment for graduates to ask questions, test ideas and grow. Your ideas are valued and there’s opportunity to transition into areas you are interested in.


Lucas (2022-23 cohort)

Operations Graduate - Serco Traffic Camera Services (Vic) Pty Ltd

Serco really embraces you from day one. It’s a unique opportunity to be a part of this graduate program due to the depth and breadth of the experiences you find yourself in. There is certainly plenty of structured personal and professional development – and you’ll see yourself get involved in some pretty important work that has real world implications very early on in your time at Serco. You’ll always find support and encouragement from your colleagues as well, making it a great place to begin your career.

If you’re looking for a grad program where you’ll be given responsibility, support and scope for career growth, Serco is where you want to be.


Chloe (2022-23 cohort)

Operations Graduate – People and Capability

The diversity in this program offers has allowed me to explore and define what my future career path might look like. Every day has brought something new, yet each day has been equally engaging. The support I have experienced has been consistent and I have found that in all the work I have undertaken my input, opinions and ideas have been valued.