Meet our graduates

Image: Graduates meet with Serco Asia Pacific CEO Mark Irwin at the 2020 Asia Pacific Leadership Conference in Melbourne.

Hear from our current graduates about their experiences on the Serco Graduate Program.

Jasmin Fleming

From day one it’s apparent that Serco genuinely values the graduates, supporting us to succeed and providing tailored professional and personal development.  The Serco Graduate Program initially appealed to me as something different and unique - I honestly couldn’t be happier with my decision. As a graduate I’ve been given the opportunity to make a real and positive contribution, as well as unparalleled support, encouragement and mentoring from my colleagues.

Serco really stands out as a brilliant platform for early career growth. Don’t be afraid to explore something less traditional and outside of your comfort zone – you’ll be rewarded.

Conor Fowler

The graduate recruitment process made it clear that Serco was interested in more than just our degree or how we appeared on paper, that what mattered more was the person that you are. In the past months what’s stood out for me is that there are people from so many different professional backgrounds, with such diverse and interesting experience. Working with people across a range of different teams has opened my eyes to a far greater range of roles than I’d imagined, has guided me on the complexities of navigating relationships, and is helping me form a view on the career I might want. 

My advice to other graduates would be to be enthusiastic and open-minded. A positive mindset will do wonders in opening doors to interesting work and in developing a passion for those things you find that resonate with you.

Erica Dearn

I was initially drawn to Serco because I wanted the opportunity to have a real impact through my work. Straight out of university, it can be tempting to seize any job opportunity for the sake of security, but Serco’s Graduate Program really stood out because of its emphasis on making a difference to people and communities. The best part of my Serco experience so far has been the support I’ve received from my placement manager and exposure to such an exciting mix of projects. No two days are the same!  

Every day, I am surrounded by brilliant, creative people driven by an underlying commitment to making positive change. Serco’s Graduate Program offers a challenging, rewarding and always interesting start to your career.

Harley Brown

The emphasis that Serco places on development, the access and exposure we’ve had to organisational leaders, especially to global leaders at the Serco Leadership Conference, has been remarkable. You never feel like ‘just a graduate’ because you’re immediately trusted and included as a Serco colleague and an equal member of the team. You’re given responsibility and meaningful work, balanced with the encouragement to shape your own work, to bring your ideas and share your perspectives. The work I’ve been asked to do has been outstanding!

Serco provides the opportunity to work on some important and meaningful projects. You will have responsibility from day one and both formal and informal leadership development initially and ongoing that sets you up well in building a management career. 

Harrison Schwarze

Serco’s graduate recruitment process is a thorough, unique, and engaging experience – reflecting Serco’s care for for each applicant, the desire to create a strong workplace culture and bring people in who find meaning and purpose in the work.   Amongst many things in my experience so far, having an experienced manager who mentors you uniquely to your placement, helping you navigate new challenges while fostering relationships and exposure to a variety of work has been incredibly helpful.

I’m thankful to Serco and the people I work alongside for making me feel valued - encouraging me to ask questions and providing me with opportunities to learn and really contribute to the organisation’s future, and in turn, the future of public services!

Madeleine Quinn

I really appreciate the amount of trust and freedom we’ve been given to solve problems and produce work – it’s allowing us to demonstrate our personal potential. We’ve been encouraged to think strategically and form our own opinions. While this has been at times daunting, I appreciate these have been opportunities to grow. That it was important to Serco get to know each graduate applicant as a person throughout the recruitment was evident in the care demonstrated by anyone we met or spoke with. Care is such a key part of the culture here.

Serco is looking for grads to help build the future of the company - we’ve been encouraged to contribute from the beginning and express our ideas. The ability to work on real projects while being supported in our learning means we’re appreciated as equal members of the team. 

Matthew Schembri

We’ve had incredible exposure to the most senior leaders of our organisation. The opportunity to attend Business Lifecyle Review meetings has allowed me to observe and learn from senior business leaders in exploring, testing and shaping the business strategy. The opportunities for numerous site visits have also been incredibly helpful in developing my understanding of the broader business, whilst also offering invaluable opportunities for additional networking within the organisation and beyond.

My placement manager is exceptionally accomplished and well respected, and her guidance and coaching has been incredibly insightful and rewarding. Her strong work ethic and ability to get things done has been eye-opening for me and she has served as a great mentor to my early career.

Ryan May

I am extremely grateful and proud to be undertaking Serco’s Graduate Program. Your development is accelerated at a rate my graduate peers working elsewhere suggest is unmatched. The program provides exposure to different sectors as well as varied challenges faced by government in providing community services.  It’s a unique organisational environment affording a breadth of opportunity not found elsewhere. The entrepreneurial nature of Serco’s culture has given me a sense of personal freedom in how I approach my work, leaving you feeling your contribution is both professionally and personally rewarding.

Colleagues arrive at and leave work happy - that speaks volumes for the inclusive culture Serco has worked hard at creating - and it’s consistent throughout the company.