David Gordon, Asset Management Engineer

Asset Management Engineer, member of the Fleet Marine Service Contract’s (FMSC) National Support Office (NSO), tasked with auxiliary engineering support functions  

Why did you choose to join Serco as a graduate? 

Upon graduating I was seeking a challenging environment to test my skills as an engineer. 

What’s the focus of your role? What’s your purpose, what motivates you? 

My role primarily requires systematic problem solving. It’s very motivating encountering a chaotic problem and tackling it with a management response that you have help in shaping.   

In what ways do you consider your work to be meaningful and making a difference? 

The FMSC NSO team is a tightly knit group with well-established goals. It’s very meaningful to be a small yet effective member of this team.  

What do you most enjoy about your experience as a grad at Serco? 

My manager’s support for continual learning and improvement through education and challenging experiences.  

Why would you commend Serco to other graduates? 

If you’re looking for a work environment that challenges you and engages the skills you’ve learnt at uni, Serco is a great choice.