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Helen shares her home gardening tips at the Grow Show

Serco's Horticultural Assets Supervisor Helen Tuton presents at the Melbourne Grow Show. Image: Alyce Shaw.

Helen Tuton, Serco’s Horticultural Assets Supervisor for the City of Melbourne has featured in turfmate news, sharing her gardening tips and tricks at the Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival’s Grow Show.

Helen is described by writer Alyce Shaw as having a “black belt in gardening”, and answered a range of questions from the public on topics such as small space gardening, fruit tree care and veggie patch basics.

Helen's top tip for sustainable gardening: grow what you know.

“If you don’t know what to do with it, or how to eat it, put something else in that you are going to use," she advises.

"Don’t put all your resources being your money, time and energy into growing something that you think you might use.”

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