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Lowe-down on Kohuora education program

Former New Zealand Rugby League Coach Graham Lowe has given an interview to Radio Live’s Duncan Garner about an educational program that he is trialling in several prisons across the country, including the Serco-operated Kohuora Auckland South Corrections Facility in Wiri.

The programme, called Kick for the Seagulls uses the principles of sports coaching to “talk the language” of the inmates and uncover new ways of learning skills such as literacy and numeracy. 

Lowe tells Garner that the program is helping to turn men’s lives around, and that he has received excellent support from the Serco staff. “Working out at Serco we've had a 17-week course, it's nearing its end now, and the staff out there are absolutely fantastic. They've got a CEO out there who's just the best bloke in the world to talk to. He understands, he gets it, he embraces - all he cares about is his men. And the lady who's the head of the education…just absolutely fantastic,” he tells Garner. "I know people look in a cynical way at prisons and I've done it plenty of times myself but getting in there and trying to help I think is necessary." 

Watch the video here.