New Generation-Ready: Serco delivers Multi-role Aviation Training Vessel

Serco has proudly delivered the Australian Navy its first Multirole Aviation Training Vessel. This 94 metre long ship has a flight deck for training of crews of most types of helicopters used by the Australia Defence Force.  The new ship, SYCAMORE, was launched in Vietnam on 30 August.

“The vessel’s primary role will be to support Defence helicopter training,” Serco Defence Managing Director Steve Richards said. “This is a multi-role vessel, designed to fulfil a range of training functions, including sea familiarisation training for new officers, and training in mine warfare, torpedo recovery, consort duties and unmanned aerial vehicle support.”

The MATV is part of the upgraded Helicopter Aircrew Training System, HATS, which will train Army and Navy pilots to operate new generation naval combat and battlefield helicopters. Known as Air 9000 Phase 7, the $157.1million project will meet the future rotary wing training needs of the Australian Defence Force. While

Serco is delivering the platform, Boeing and Thales are supplying the aviation component of the project.

The ship will undergo sea trials and then arrive in Sydney in 2017.

Serco Defence has already overseen the construction in Vietnam of the 83-metre submarine escape gear ship, EGS BESANT, and the 93-metre submarine rescue gear ship, RGS STOKER, both of which Serco Defence now operates and maintains.

Image (L-R): Denis Mole, AM - EGM Military Support & Marine Services, Serco Defence, CAPT Allen Whittaker, AM, CSC, RAN – Director Aviation Capability, Roland Briene, Area Director – Asia Pacific, Damen Shipyards