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Purpose-built to reduce reoffending

New Zealand Construction News has reported that the opening of Auckland South Corrections Facility "marks a new era in the management of prisoners with a focus on rehabilitation."

The 960-bed male prison, also known as Kohuora, opened on 8 May and has been purpose-built to reduce reoffending and provide better outcomes for Maori. Scott McNairn, Serco Director of Operations, told the outlet that Kohuora had broken the mould in terms of how New Zealand deals with the rehabilitation of offenders. ‘Prisoners here will go through a physical and attitudinal journey,’ he said. ‘They will develop work and life skills, and participate in courses in numeracy and literacy and other rehabilitative programmes.’

Kohuora has dedicated educational and vocational facilities as well as links with local employers to give prisoners real-life work experience.

"Through these partnerships, we will provide training and employment opportunities that match employment opportunities in the community,’ McNairn told the outlet. ‘This will give prisoners a realistic expectation of employment once they are released, which significantly reduces the risk of them reoffending."