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Serco profiled in leading industry magazine Business First

National business magazine Business First has featured a profile on Serco Asia Pacific and CEO Mark Irwin. In the three-page feature, Mr Irwin explains his vision for the company, what drew him to the role and the key drivers for outstanding service delivery.

Mr Irwin told the publication that it was Serco's ethos that attracted him to join the organisation in 2013. "It was an opportunity where there was a very direct line of sight to the work that the company did and the impact it had on the various communities that we served," he said.

"The services that we provide on behalf of government, that we bring innovation to or design around, or delivery of, are all services that affect people in quite critical ways."

The article highlights the diversity of Serco's work across the ASPAC region, and states: "Where Serco stands out is in its ability to bring subject matter expertise in each of the sectors, so the sectors are clearly defined and the responses relevant to specific needs of the customers in those sectors."

The article references Acacia Prison's performing arts program, which saw an acclaimed production of Shakespeare's A Mid Summer Night's Dream staged in 2015. Mr Irwin said the program was designed to build self-confidence and pro-social like skills, "increasing the chances of offenders gaining employment and successful reintegration into the community upon release."

"Serco challenges itself to improve the lives of those in their care," the publication said of the program, which it described as, "one piece of a rehabilitation puzzle intended to help inmates re-integrate into society."

Mr Irwin said that Serco's values, and the adherence to a basic set of philosophical ideas, enables the company to deliver critical services that people rely on. "Despite the challenges of what our people do, there is a real pride that they can make a difference. That's a huge motivator for us," he said.

View the full article in Business First Magazine.

Image: CEO Mark Irwin with Wandoo Reintegration Facility Director Wendy Sinclair.