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In pursuit of a greener future

Influencing behaviours and driving change is a challenge that is being wholeheartedly embraced by Serco.

And nowhere is change needed more urgently at present than in relation to the environment. Serco is committed to addressing environmental and climate emergencies achieving our own net zero carbon ambitions, those of our clients and wider society.

When it comes to taking coordinated action on climate issues, Serco is already recognised as performing above its peers at a global level, on carbon and climate, resource efficiency, environmental protection and embedding cultural behaviours.

UN Sustainable Development Goal icons 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 13 and 17
At a local level, the Asia Pacific business is actively pursuing outcomes based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and is aligned with the wider Group in its target of achieving net zero emissions by 2030. 
What’s more, through leading by example, Serco intends to inspire its project partners to adopt best practice and reduce their own carbon footprints.

At Serco, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and we know that by reducing our impact, we can also help our customers minimise their impact by working with us

TJ Phillips, HSE Systems and UX Manager

TJ Phillips portrait

But while various projects to shift to clean energy and divert waste from landfill are already underway within its five local business units, TJ explains that benchmarking the current state of play is an important step in understanding Serco’s current impact, and will enable it to develop and deliver on aggressive environmental targets.

To facilitate better benchmarking, a business intelligence dashboard has been implemented to track the environmental impact across various Serco sites. This will ensure environmental considerations are embedded across every project lifecycle, and will encourage accountability.

“Our clients will be supported by both the business unit they deal with and the Asia Pacific business more generally because we can see holistically how we’re performing and share best practice,” TJ says.

“It will enable management to make informed decisions that will support each business to perform better from an environmental perspective.”

Corporate services has transitioned to 100% biodegradable stationary supplies in order to reduce waste and raise awareness internally about sustainability.

Our Sydney and Melbourne corporate offices are in the process of transitioning to be 100% supplied by green energy in the pursuit of carbon neutrality, and will soon be followed by the seven Australian offices of Serco’s cleaning, maintenance and facilities services. In an example of how its actions are influencing the decisions of its clients, in Burnie, Tasmania, a contact centre operated on behalf of a Federal Government agency that Serco operates will soon follow suit.

Under another corporate carbon reduction initiative, Serco is in the process of transitioning its motor fleet to hybrid/electric vehicles, with 500 vehicles already upgraded. Despite challenges with the supply of hybrid/electric vehicles to Australia due to COVID-19, TJ says Serco is committed to this important step in reducing its carbon footprint.

While business travel-related carbon emission reductions have been aided by COVID-19, a target is currently being established to ensure reductions already achieved in this area are embedded into the Asia Pacific carbon strategy moving forward.

And in late 2021 the business unveiled its Sustainable Procurement Charter, a set of principles that lay out how Serco will take environmental, social and governance factors into consideration when purchasing goods and commissioning services in its business.

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