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Workforce Management Solutions

Serco understands the most valuable asset of any business is its people, as an employer of choice to more than 12,000 people working around the clock to deliver essential public services.

As an industry leader in workforce management, we know what people need to be able to turn up to work focused, engaged and ready to give it their all.

These insights have enabled us to build a contemporary Enterprise Workforce Solution, so you can spend more time focused on core responsibilities.

Serco’s Enterprise Workforce Solution provides an integrated employee lifecycle experience that:

  • Delivers effective, work-ready teams.
  • Improves employee experience and outputs.
  • Drives operational efficiencies.


We attract and onboard more than 6,500 employees each year, with proven ability to scale up a workforce in any location across Australia at short notice.

We focus on sourcing the best candidates for each role by factoring in pay and benefits, psychological attraction, lifestyle and career aspects.

Serco is serious about social inclusion and the advancement and empowerment of people who traditionally struggle to find employment – First Nations people, people living with disability, migrants, single parents, people who have been unemployed long term and veterans.

We are committed to ensuring an inclusive workplace that embraces and promotes diversity, and where every employee is offered personal growth opportunities to achieve meaningful short, medium and long-term outcomes.


We undertake thorough credentialling in accordance with your requirements, including qualification checks, visa and security vetting and reference checks.

Onboarding / Offboarding

Our experts remove hurdles in onboarding new employees by coordinating with clients and suppliers to provide security passes, IT access, uniforms and welcome packs.

We also coordinate effective offboarding, including the return of uniforms and exit interviews to identify any patterns in turnover that can be shared with you.

Training and Development

We develop training packages to ensure your workforce is oriented and prepared through induction and skills development, with the ability to track training and skills in our workforce management system to maintain requirements.

Workforce Management

With a workforce of over 12,000 people located across more than 85 diverse sites around Australia, as well as mobile and work-from-home teams, Serco is an industry leader in workforce management.

We manage over 100,000 rosters each month, customised by a team of skilled analysts who deliver:

Roster, Time and Attendance – Serco’s leading edge technology allows integrated scheduling and time and attendance with built in automation for predictive roster optimisation. The use of mobile and geo-location clock on/off capabilities offers additional data analytics and workplace safety measures.

People Capability – a centralised organisational capability to support service delivery, including:

  • A workforce management team to support the implementation of organisation-wide labour management and scheduling process.
  • A reporting team to provide a single common view of the current 24/7 operational status across your facilities.

Process Capability – which includes the following capabilities and skills:

  • Labour Management that includes labour forecasting, resource planning, rostering and scheduling, time and attendance management.
  • Reporting services and portal data entry.

Our capabilities

Wellbeing and Injury Management

We integrate wellbeing into all activities and practices throughout the employment life cycle, including promotion, prevention and intervention, and manage all aspects of return to work and insurance claims.

Performance Management

We undertake probation period performance reviews in addition to annual reviews. We also manage the difficult conversations with employees including disciplinary and exiting processes.

Contemporary Employment Relations

We currently have more than 20 Enterprise Agreements in place, negotiated with 16 unions within Australia and approximately 12 awards that apply. We have extensive knowledge of the Australian industrial environment including the Fair Work Act and amendments and modifications that arise.

Travel Services

Our Travel team book travel and accommodation within Australia and globally at negotiated rates with leading airlines and hotels.

Customer Service

Our dedicated call centre operates 24/7 to provide assistance and advice to clients and employees, handling more than 20,000 queries and requests each month.


Processing over 20,000 payments each month, our Payroll/Employee Services Team provide a professional, accurate and timely payroll service in accordance with your business requirements, alongside robust Service Level Agreements (SLA) and legislative requirements.


Our billing reports are customised to meet the requirements of each customer.

Reporting and Data Analytics

We provide KPI reporting, workforce reporting and lost time injury (LTI) frequency rates, as our clients require.

Our services

Back and Middle Office Support

On-shore Contact Centres