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Parks and Gardens

Diverse open space management and maintenance services to make parks, gardens, and public spaces safe and inviting, and help cities look their best.

Serco takes pride in managing and maintaining vibrant public recreational spaces on behalf of city councils, promoting enjoyment and participation throughout cities and communities. 

We provide extensive open space management and maintenance services to city councils. We keep parklands, gardens, boulevards, sports grounds, waterways, and public spaces looking their best, with the aim of enhancing resident wellbeing and attracting visitors and major events.

Through our services, we manage and protect the council’s investment in parks, gardens, buildings, and infrastructure, recognising that the distinctive physical character of a city is a major contributing factor to its economic and social vitality.

By employing skilled teams, we are able to offer diverse services that include horticulture, turf maintenance, water management, and infrastructure services for parks, gardens, open spaces, and facilities such as sporting grounds and golf courses.

We ensure that horticultural elements fulfil their role in the designed landscape. Additionally, we reduce lifecycle costs and protect the council’s investment through ongoing maintenance of physical assets in open spaces.

Key Facts

  • We manage 500 hectares of Melbourne’s CBD open spaces.
  • More than 3 million people visit the Fitzroy Gardens each year.
  • We maintain more than 4 million square metres of grasslands, turf, and median strips.
  • We care for more than 300,000 square metres of floral beds.
  • Melbourne Parks & Gardens services directly support Melbourne being voted the world’s most liveable city for 6 consecutive years.

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