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Back and Middle Office Services

End-to-end solutions that enhance the citizen experience by streamlining and scaling up processes to improve accuracy and reduce costs.

Back and Middle Office Services

Serco provides seamless transactional back and middle office services for government organisations that need to quickly, accurately, and securely process large volumes of forms, letters, transactions, and administrative data within Australia.

We design, implement, and operate end-to-end back and middle office solutions. We have the systems, resources, and infrastructure to efficiently and securely gather, manage, process, and report the most sensitive, confidential citizen information. By streamlining and scaling-up processes, we improve accuracy and reduce costs, while enhancing the citizen experience. 

Serco has extensive experience in managing significant transaction volumes for government administration and operational support functions. Our services have the capacity to accommodate demand flexibly, meet dynamic expectations, and comply with escalating regulatory requirements.

Our technology platforms provide a seamless data transfer interface between agencies, whilst maintaining a chain of security in accordance with state, national, and international standards relating to data security protection.

Key Facts

  • We process 4.2 million forms and letters each year.
  • We are fully compliant with all government data protection and security requirements.

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