Contact Centres

Using technology to enable citizens to transact efficiently and effectively with government services through our integrated, responsive, and flexible multi-channel contact centres.

Serco manages multi-channel contact centres that provide accessible and responsive access to essential government services. Bespoke contact centre solutions are fully integrated with existing platforms, reducing costs and streamlining service outcomes.

We enable government bodies to deliver more public services to more citizens, across metropolitan, regional, and remote areas, with less taxpayer investment and faster resolution. We improve the citizen experience and reduce costs, while facilitating an increase in digital channel usage.

Serco has extensive experience in operating multi-channel contact centres within complex, high security environments, enabling citizens to interact with government services seamlessly, in many different ways.

Through our technology platforms, we quickly and efficiently transform legacy contact centre systems into digitally-enabled centres. We integrate multi-channel contacts into a single conversation to provide a unified view of the citizen. This means citizens can have a single service conversation as they move across channels, whether voice, email, webchat, or social media.

We use agile workforce and technology management systems that can quickly scale to meet peak demand, ensuring that citizen service needs are resolved promptly.

Key Facts

  • We have more than 25 years’ experience delivering contact centre services on behalf of governments across Australia and New Zealand.
  • We handle 61 million citizen interactions each year.
  • We handle 9.6 million calls each year on behalf of government agencies, responding to requests for highly confidential and sensitive data

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