Trusted to deliver critical support services and operate sensitive facilities by military organisations around the world, we have deep expertise in delivering lower-cost, higher quality defence services.

Supporting defence forces to support the nation

Serco provides critical support services to defence organisations, operating both in-country and embedded within deployed forces around the world. We have deep expertise operating across all military settings, including space, marine, land, and air.

We maximise the resources of defence organisations by delivering lower-cost, higher-quality support services to military command and personnel around the globe.

Our highly-qualified, specialist teams, who are recruited from military backgrounds, understand the unique demands of the organisations they serve so that they are able to work hand-in-hand with service personnel wherever they are needed.

Operational excellence and dependable on-time delivery means we can guarantee military assets are always mission-ready.

Defence in Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, we are a specialist defence supplier, service integrator, and complex project management provider, and have been delivering performance managed contracts continuously here since 1997. 


  • We are one of Australia’s largest maritime service operators, providing commercial crews to operate Navy support vessels and meet the needs of the Australian Navy.
  • We manage support ships for the Royal Australian Navy and operate 800 maritime support craft.
  • We are the Prime Contractor for the design, build, operation and maintenance of Australia's new Antarctic Supply and Research Vessel, the RSV Nuyina
  • We have provided logistics and base support for Australian Defence Force personnel and assets deployed in the Middle East since 2011.
  • We have supported the Royal Australian Navy Typhoon, Mini Typhoon and Toplite capability since 2006.
  • We maintain more than 30,000 items of medical and dental equipment each year to support over 100 Australian Defence sites.
  • We provide fully accredited training to Royal Australian Navy personnel, delivering courses that support the attainment of nationally recognised qualifications.
  • We have fitted out 80,000 personnel in combat and non-combat uniforms from 28 stores.


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