Base Operations and Logistics Support

Fully integrated logistics and base support services to military assets, including bases, barracks, and their associated facilities.

Serco delivers cost effective military base management, logistics support, and facilities management to defence, paramilitary and national security customers. We aim to operate and maintain more efficiently and effectively the capability of military assets, including bases, barracks, and their associated facilities.

We are the only Australian supplier with a national footprint, providing fully integrated defence service solutions that deliver assured operational base support, supported with complex project, logistics, and asset management capabilities.

We deliver fully integrated and innovative maritime defence base, building, and facilities management solutions that support more efficient and more secure ways of working at a lower cost.

Competent logistics management and delivery are essential to effective base operations and our logistics capabilities deliver integrated solutions for planned and emergency deployments. Our integrated systems include warehousing, inventory, supply chain, and obsolescence management.

Serco has extensive logistics experience, including sea lift, air lift, and road transport, supporting the Australian Defence Force (ADF) deployed on operations around Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bahrain. Serco’s competent management and operation of the ADF’s bases in the Middle East exemplifies our forward base support.

Serco’s medical and dental solutions provide dedicated logistics support to the Australian Defence Force through the provision of specialist medical kitting and management of the maintenance services needed to support the medical and dental equipment used by the ADF across Australia.


Key Facts

  • We are a trusted supplier of military base and facilities management across several regions.
  • We support over 100 defence bases and barracks in Australia.
  • We maintain more than 30,000 pieces of medical equipment each year.
  • We provide logistics services supporting the Australian Defence Force across the Middle East.
  • We are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard and ISO 55001:2014 Asset Management System Standard by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) Limited.
  • We are accredited to ISO 22001 Food Safety Management System by LRQA.

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