Vessel Operations and Maintenance

From vessel design, build, and modification, to specialist services such as under-sea exploration and recovery, we are one of Australia’s largest maritime vessel operators.

Serco provides flexible and cost effective maritime vessel operations, with a permanent nationwide port footprint and a qualified mariner workforce that can operate in all maritime conditions.

We provide comprehensive, responsive, and expert in-service support for maritime assets, delivering efficient vessel operations, optimal performance and required sea days. We can efficiently operate and maintain vessel fleets, provide qualified and experienced crews, deliver assured planned maintenance, good engineering, and responsive reactive maintenance.

We are one of Australia’s largest maritime service operators and combine people, assets, and systems to deliver optimal vessel operations.

With facilities in all major naval ports around the country, our mariners have extensive knowledge of their waterways and the experience to fulfil diverse customer requirements in all offshore and inshore conditions.

We also have a support network that extends a wide range of engineering and technical services across Asia Pacific, ensuring a prompt response in diverse locations, from environmentally significant areas to industrial ports and remote destinations.

Our vessels and support craft service a range of inshore and offshore operations, including oil and gas projects and search and recovery tasks.

Our services include integrated management of through-life support covering vessel design, build, modification, engineering and maintenance, marine systems support, port services, maritime training, and specialist services such as undersea exploration and recovery.

Photo (top): Nick Moir / The Sydney Morning Herald 

Key Facts

  • Serco has a permanent presence in the ports of Sydney and Jervis Bay, New South Wales; Cairns, Queensland; Darwin, Northern Territory; Rockingham, Western Australia; and Western Port, Victoria.
  • We have over 1,000 Defence and Government assets under management.
  • We have designed, built, introduced into service and operate 110 small boats and 15 capital vessels.
  • We are the Prime Contractor for the design, build, operation and maintenance of Australia's new Antarctic Supply and Research Vessel, the RSV Nuyina
  • Serco is a recognised market leader in providing commercial crews to operate Navy support vessels and meet the needs of the Australian Navy.

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