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From the operational management of hospitals to the optimisation of patient flow, we are committed to delivering better healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Delivering better healthcare and improving patient outcomes

Serco delivers vital healthcare support services around the world – from clinical care, to the operational management of hospitals, to the optimisation of patient experience and flow. Our experience reaches across acute, community, primary and private healthcare, increasingly with voluntary and social care partners.  

Our passion for care is enriched by our drive and capacity to innovate, and our unrivalled international expertise which enhances service quality, improves patient outcomes and reduces costs.

Through operational excellence and continuous improvement, we maintain safe environments that allow clinicians to focus on the treatment and delivery of excellent clinical outcomes for their patients. 

Healthcare in Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, Serco is the only provider with capability across a complete suite of clinical and non-clinical support services. We are a trusted long-term partner of governments and provide a range of services in health that keep improving, and incorporate the latest innovations that directly and demonstrably benefit patients and clinical staff.

In what is the largest outsourced health contract in Australia, we provide services to Fiona Stanley Hospital, one of Australia’s most advanced public healthcare facilities, delivering 24 facilities management services at the 783-bed tertiary hospital, and performing to 480 key performance indicators. In both Australia and New Zealand, we also provide holistic primary healthcare, allied and non-clinical services to prisoners at our justice facilities.

We are one of the most successful hospital support service providers to the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. Since 1996, we have been providing facilities management services to local public hospitals in Hong Kong, including our current contract at the 1600-bed tertiary Prince of Wales Hospital.

Serco delivers on-base clinical care to the 80,000 service men and women in the Australian Defence Force. Our civilian health professionals and support staff work alongside our partners Bupa and Acumen to deliver a model of care that makes a difference to the lives of those who serve.

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  • We handle more than 1.5 million calls each year through one of our hospital helpdesks.
  • We produce more than 850,000 freshly cooked meals on site for patients each year.
  • Since Fiona Stanley Hospital opened, we have catered for more than 3,000 different combinations of dietary requirements.
  • We undertake more than 1,000 patient and equipment movements in just one day in one of our Asia Pacific health contracts.
  • We use 18 automated guided vehicles to reduce workplace injuries and improve efficiencies.
  • We handle an average of 17,000 face-to-face hospital reception enquiries each month.
  • We use a state-of-the-art building management system with more than 150,000 data monitoring points.
  • Our cleaning team services more than 40,000 rooms or areas each month.
  • An Auditor General’s report into Fiona Stanley Hospital in 2017 found that Serco provides a “quality service” and the Government is achieving the AUD$550 million in savings that was identified by Treasury when the contract was signed in 2011.
  • Serco employs more than 1,000 clinical staff to provide healthcare services to the Australian Defence Force
  • We manage the Australian Defence Force medical equipment fleet repair, maintenance and calibration, as well as the pharmaceuticals and medical consumables supply chain.
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