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Clinical Care

Primary healthcare, allied, and non-clinical services for patients within the justice system, dedicated to improving prisoner health outcomes.

Clinical Care (within our correctional facilities)

Serco provides Clinical Care on behalf of correctional departments. Our services include general health care, allied health services, chronic disease management, mental healthcare, and health education.

Health management is crucial to successful reintegration and rehabilitation of offenders. We are committed to improving prisoner health outcomes and provide access to the same quality healthcare as the general population, within the prison setting and in the community.

We take a proactive approach to holistic healthcare services and work with leading industry organisations in the community to provide specialist and culturally appropriate support.

We offer a range of primary care, allied, and non-clinical services designed to support health education, treatment, and continuity of healthcare upon release.

It is imperative that health issues linked to offending behaviour are addressed in order to support released offenders from returning to the judicial system. We provide health education to empower prisoners to develop the knowledge and skills required to manage chronic illnesses and adopt healthier behaviours and lifestyles.

Key Facts

  • Acacia Prison in Western Australia is one of the only correctional facilities in the country that holds AGPAL accreditation, an independent recognition that means its clinical services meet the requirements of governing industry standards and is committed to safety, quality, and continuous improvement.
  • The Western Australian Office of the Inspector for Custodial Services commented on the clinical services at Wandoo Reintegration Facility in Western Australia: “We were impressed, not just with the level of health service provision, but by the efforts made to educate residents to care for themselves and to improve their levels of health and fitness”.

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