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Clinical workforce solutions

Serco provides dedicated specialist clinical staff at more than 100 facilities across Australia including public hospitals, quarantine facilities, immunisation hubs, Australian Defence Force (ADF) Health Centres, and custodial facilities.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Serco worked with the Northern Territory Government to mobilise clinical teams in regional and remote areas to support Australia's first purpose-built quarantine facility and accelerate vaccination programs into some of our most vulnerable communities.

As national workforce shortages have impacted public health services, Serco has continued to support State Health Departments, providing critical nursing staff in metropolitan and regional hospitals, health clinics and community aged care services.

In response to ongoing workforce shortages, we have introduced a new surge staffing model to support clinical care teams. Our surge teams are taking on administrative and non-clinical duties such as compassionate patient care, enabling nursing staff to focus on clinical duties.

Clinical workforce specialities

Our clinical workforce comprises more than 2,500 health professionals and clinical support staff across 45 role types including:

  • specialist and general nurses
  • medical and dental officers
  • allied and mental health clinicians
  • health clerks
  • care assistants

Supporting 75+ public hospitals across NSW, NT and WA

Dedicated workforce of 1,700 supporting over 80,000 ADF members and reservists

ADF telehealth service handles over 1,000 calls per day

Our capabilities

Workforce design and optimisation

Recruitment and onboarding

Credentialing and clinical governance

Performance management

Health and wellbeing

Staff mobility

Clinical and non-clinical training and development

Casual pool management

Scalable clinical and allied health staffing

Telehealth - advisory, triage and support

Vaccination programs

Capability highlights

Surge staffing model

In response to workforce shortages and high patient numbers, Serco has partnered with NSW Health to provide surge staff to help ease the burden. Our Surge team take on administrative and non-clinical duties such as compassionate patient care, enabling nursing staff to focus on clinical duties. Our employees are primarily recruited from retail and hospitality settings and have exceptional customer service skills. They undertake comprehensive training and all required Category A vaccinations prior to their deployment in regional and metropolitan public hospitals. Surge teams are supported by Serco’s experienced managers who provide significant hands-on support through pre-deployment training, onboarding and their first months in the job.

Improving prisoner health outcomes


Serco provides Clinical Care on behalf of correctional departments. Our services include general health care, allied health services, chronic disease management, mental healthcare, and health education.

Health management is crucial to successful reintegration and rehabilitation of offenders. We are committed to improving prisoner health outcomes and provide access to the same quality healthcare as the general population, within the prison setting and in the community.

We take a proactive approach to holistic healthcare services and work with leading industry organisations in the community to provide specialist and culturally appropriate support.

We offer a range of primary care, allied, and non-clinical services designed to support health education, treatment, and continuity of healthcare upon release.

It is imperative that health issues linked to offending behaviour are addressed in order to support released offenders from returning to the judicial system. We provide health education to empower prisoners to develop the knowledge and skills required to manage chronic illnesses and adopt healthier behaviours and lifestyles.

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