Corporate Services

Non-clinical and back office functions that improve the efficiency of front line health, such as procurement, fleet management, and communications.

Serco provides a range of back office functions to the government health sector. We offer employees a single point of access to cross-functional services, such as occupational safety, health and environment, reporting, governance, quality assurance, and clinical integration.

We have the knowledge and experience to create better back office services, systems, processes, and outcomes that complement the delivery of front line health services. We strive to achieve the greatest efficiency from healthcare services, benefitting both patients and clinical staff.

Serco has significant experience in back office support functions, both within healthcare and across our wider business, which means that we bring innovation and best practice from around the world to the healthcare organisations in which we operate.

We put back office services, processes, and systems in place to complement the delivery of our customer's health services and seamlessly integrate with our own front line services. This not only covers typical back office functions such as fleet management and procurement, but extends to service improvement through quality measures and improved processes and reporting.

Through the implementation of these management and administrative services, we enable customers to drive standards across other publicly run health services.

Key Facts

  • At Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia, our procurement team saved the Department of Health millions of dollars through its expert practices.
  • In 2015, Serco renegotiated gas and electricity contracts achieving cost savings of over 50%, delivering more than AU$4 million in savings to Western Australian taxpayers over two years.

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