Facilities Management

From patient contact centres to hospital facilities such as catering, cleaning and porter services, Serco provides a first class environment for patients through improved facilities management.

Serco provides facilities management services to hospitals and other healthcare providers. Services include cleaning, patient catering, internal logistics, estates management, supplies management, and helpdesk.

We aim to create the very best environment and experience for patients and visitors, contributing to improved outcomes, at a lower cost, and in a more transparent way.

Facilities management services play a critical role within the healthcare environment, directly impacting the patient experience and enabling the efficient provision of clinical care.

As a major international provider of non-clinical services, Serco demonstrates capability across the whole suite of hard and soft facilities management services for hospitals and other healthcare providers. Our service delivery is integrated, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound. By delivering these services successfully, the quality of healthcare is raised and taxpayers benefit from cost efficiencies.

Key Facts

  • We provide non-clinical services to Fiona Stanley Hospital, one of Australia’s most advanced public healthcare facilities.
  • We have designed and delivered 25 facilities management services at the 783 bed tertiary hospital, performing to 480 key performance indicators.
  • We prepare more than 2,000 fresh and nutritious meals and 200 snack boxes for patients each day.
  • Since the hospital opened, we have catered for more than 3,000 different combinations of dietary requirements.
  • Our helpdesk service provides a single point of contact for all non-clinical requests, responding to up to 5,000 calls each day.
  • Our cleaning team services more than 40,000 rooms or areas each month, using microfibre cleaning solutions to reduce the risk of infection and save water.
  • In 2015, Serco renegotiated gas and electricity contracts achieving cost savings of over 50%, delivering more than AU$4 million in savings to Western Australian taxpayers over two years.

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