Safe, secure, and efficient escort services, delivered locally, domestically and internationally, by air or road transport.

Serco works with the Department of Home Affairs to provide safe and secure transport and escort services for people in immigration detention.

We are committed to ensuring the wellbeing, safety, and security of those in our care while responding rapidly to the dynamic and reactive needs of our immigration customers. We transport people locally, domestically and internationally, by air or road transport.

International migration is increasing in complexity and scale, presenting distinct challenges. Serco continues to successfully deliver services in the face of unprecedented detainee numbers and significant changes in government policy.

We have developed an agile operating model that provides flexible resource capabilities to meet fluctuating and peak levels of demand. Through centralised support centres and transport scheduling technologies, we successfully respond to and coordinate escort requests, often within tight timeframes.

Our approach streamlines the complex process of managing transport and escort resources across the service network, reducing the administrative burden at the local facility level.

Key Facts

  • We have worked with the Australian Department of Home Affairs since 2009 as the onshore immigration detention service provider.
  • We employ more than 500 specially trained escort staff, who speak more than 25 languages to deliver a safe, secure service and treat those in our care with dignity and respect.
  • We travelled over 2 million kilometres in 2015, and provided more than 100,000 transport and escort services.
  • Since 2009, more than 1.6 million individual movements have been conducted across Australia and internationally by our transport and escort services team.
  • During a historic peak in operational demands during 2012/13, we managed up to 55,000 individual tasks to ensure the safe and secure movement of more than 400,000 people in our care.

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