Secure Immigration Detention

Detention centre services focused on the needs of the detainee, delivering the highest standards of care under difficult and challenging circumstances.

Serco delivers secure detention solutions on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs. We provide fully integrated services across facilities management, accommodation, catering, welfare, engagement, security, transport, and escorting.

We contribute to the government’s commitment to national security by maintaining safe and secure environments for people in onshore detention, ensuring that those in our care are treated with dignity and respect.

We have demonstrated our ability to be flexible and responsive in order to manage a complex and dynamic detention network. We have adapted our operations rapidly to meet the needs of the network, and the changing demographics of people held in onshore detention. We have introduced technology and innovative solutions to improve service delivery, and invested in resource capability to meet the cultural and individual needs of those in our care, Serco Care Manager.

Our detainee management technology records real-time information on all aspects of our service. It offers transparency for our customer and makes it simpler, faster, and easier for our people to make a positive difference to those in our care.

Our team members receive comprehensive training, with detainee security and welfare management as a priority, backed by support teams experienced in specialist operational capabilities.

Key Facts

  • We have worked with the Australian Department of Home Affairs since 2009 as the onshore immigration detention service provider.
  • We have served 30 million meals over the course of our contract, catering to the cultural and individual needs of those in our care.
  • More than 800,000 program activities have been delivered across our sites, including cultural cooking, education, and sporting activities.

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