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From prison management and rehabilitation to electronic monitoring, court, and prisoner escorting services, we are committed to safeguarding society and reducing reoffending.

Safeguarding society and reducing reoffending

Around the world, Serco provides essential services across the justice system, from the safe and secure operation of prisons, youth custody, and escorting services, to managing the reintegration of offenders into society. We also provide data analytics and surveillance services to law enforcement agencies.

We help governments deliver effective justice services, at a lower cost, by championing service innovations, applying intelligent systems, employing the right people, and forming partnerships with not-for-profit organisations to achieve positive community outcomes.

By pursuing a rehabilitative approach to justice, with a focus on education, criminogenic needs, and the key outcome of reducing reoffending, we help to rebuild lives, reduce the burden on government services, and improve public safety.

Justice in Asia Pacific

Serco provides safe, secure, and cost efficient prison management services across Australia and New Zealand that focus on rehabilitation and reducing reoffending.

We help build safer communities through the delivery of value for money services to governments, which make a positive difference to the lives of those in our care, their families, and the community.  

We invest in education, training, rehabilitation, and reintegration programs, and our operations are underpinned by a responsible prisoner model and restorative justice framework.  

As an experienced prison operator, we work with customers and consortium partners to influence prison design based on international research, in order to achieve contemporary custodial services that contribute to community safety and reduce long-term recidivism.


  • In Asia Pacific, we have delivered justice services for more than 10 years and operate three correctional facilities in Western Australia, Queensland and Auckland. 
  • From August 2019, Serco will operate and manage the Adelaide Remand Centre (ARC) for the South Australia Department for Correctional Services. 
  • We manage Australia’s largest prison, Acacia Prison in Western Australia, with an operating capacity of 1,525. Serco oversaw a successful AU$126 million expansion to the facility in 2014.
  • We designed, built, commissioned, and now operate New Zealand’s newest prison, the 960 bed Kohuora Auckland South Corrections Facility procured by Public Private Partnership.
  • Serco is part of the NorthernPathways consortium which will design, build, operate and maintain Clarance Correctional Centre in Grafton, NSW. Serco’s contract for operation is expected to commence in 2020. When completed, Clarance Correctional Centre will be the largest correctional facility in Australia.
  • We deliver outstanding successes. In the first three years of operation at Wandoo Reintegration Facility, we achieved a reoffending rate around half of that of the national average in Australia. We manage and care for people with unique cultural needs, including Tangata Whenua (New Zealand) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
  • We strive to set the benchmark for correctional facilities. Acacia was the first prison in Australia to launch secure Email a Prisoner (EMAP) technology, the first to introduce the award-winning Storybook Dads program, and one of the first to obtain AGPAL accreditation in the prison health centre, aligning standards to a community GP service.
  • We deliver cost savings. A report by the Queensland Auditor General in 2016 found that the marginal cost of Queensland’s two privately operated prisons was 19% lower than the public sector, representing a $55 million saving for the state of Queensland over six years. In Western Australia, Acacia Prison is the best performing prison in terms of cost per prisoner per day.



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