Court Services

Serco has significant expertise in the delivery of court security and custody services in Australia and the United Kingdom, helping to ensure the secure and efficient operation of courts.

Between 2011 and 2017, Serco provided integrated court security, custody, transport, and escort services to the Western Australian State Government, serving fourteen metropolitan and nine regional courts. This included the provision of court orderlies, gallery guards, perimeter guards, security management within court custody centres, and courtroom dock guards.

In the UK we also transport prisoners to and from 24 crown courts and 43 magistrates' courts.  We cover many of the most high profile courts in England and Wales, including the Royal Courts of Justice, the Central Criminal Court and Westminster Magistrates' Courts. 

Court security

Our court security service expertise include the provision of security (excluding custody), court orderlies, gallery guards, perimeter security to external premises and internal security of public areas within major courts.

Court custody

Our court custody service expertise comprises the provision of security services within the court custody centre and the secure circulation paths leading to and from courtrooms. This includes dock guards in courtrooms for the management of persons in custody and the management of custody centres where one forms part of a court complex.

Children’s court

We have experience delivering specialist services in the Children’s Court including custody and dock guarding duties, as well as regional and metro juvenile transport services.

We have demonstrated that we can work closely with magistrates and the sitting members to meet the changing needs of individual courts.

Key Facts

  • Between 2011 and 2016 we managed an average 6,000 court sitting days per year across 23 different locations in Western Australia.
  • Our WA court security services were formally recognised by a defence solicitor in 2016, who wrote: “Throughout my time as both a solicitor and counsel working in the criminal courts I have rarely been as impressed by the court security staff and escorts as I was during this trial. All the Serco staff treated all the people they came into contact with including Mr H professionally, with dignity and an understanding of the stresses and strains that such a serious matter places on them. Your staff all went out of their way to facilitate the smooth running of the trial and to assist those involved in it, whether that be the accused, witnesses, the family of the deceased, counsel, or court staff”.
  • In the UK we are also working with the Ministry of Justice and Her Majesty’s Court Services to reduce the number of people the government pays to be transported to court, using mobile video streaming technology.

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