Electronic Monitoring

GPS based prisoner monitoring services allow individuals to independently attend reintegration activities outside the prison.

Serco designs, delivers, and manages electronic monitoring services on behalf of correctional departments, allowing the safe and secure management of lower risk offenders outside of prison.

Under this service, appropriate individuals can leave prison without the need for a guard escort, to participate in reintegration initiatives such as training and development opportunities, home detention strategies, or early release programs. This has the potential to reduce reoffending and maintain public safety, while at the same time drive cost efficiencies through lessening demand on correctional facilities.

Serco provides GPS based electronic monitoring services that enable offenders to undertake reintegration opportunities without the need for a guard escort. Prisoners can leave a facility unaccompanied, wearing a secure GPS bracelet.

The service encompasses stringent processes, tracking systems, and ongoing management, providing an additional level of surety with regards to those approved to undertake programs in the public domain.

Electronic monitoring services support extremely important elements of the reoffending reduction programs at minimum security facilities, such as real training and development, which are only fully available outside the prison. It is also applicable to other programs such as home detention strategies or early release programs.

Key Facts

  • At Wandoo Reintegration Facility in Western Australia, Serco delivered a pilot program with the use of GPS technology for residents undertaking community work activities and/or on approved home leave programs within the metropolitan area.
  • The success of this trial has been accepted by the Western Australian Department of Corrective Services, paving the way for the further future use in Department minimum security facilities and other potential programs such as home detention or early release.

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