Prisoner Escorting and Custody Services

Transporting persons in custody safely, securely, and efficiently.

Serco delivers safe and secure escort services on behalf of correctional departments. We quickly and efficiently move those in custody for visits to and from medical facilities, courts, other prisons, police stations, funerals, and visits to critically ill relatives.  

We have significant experience in the management of secure transport, planning, and logistics, and understand the varied requirements of our stakeholders.

Serco puts prisoner welfare and security at the heart of our escorting services, at the same time as delivering the best value possible to our customer. With an extensive fleet of specialist cellular and multi-purpose vehicles, our services are carried out with compassion and care by highly trained and security cleared staff.

We innovate in partnership with customers and have introduced initiatives such as SERS into our vehicles - an electronic recording system developed to provide a more robust and transparent service to the customer. The technology allows us to plan routes, schedule vehicles, monitor and record activities during transportation or in court. Hand written records are replaced by touch screen monitors and tablets, with information uploaded to our main server via secure mobile networks.

In the UK, we deliver the Prison Escort Contract (PECS) in London and the East of England. There we escort on average 24,000 prisoners per month using a fleet of nearly 200 specialist cellular and multi-purpose vehicles and a workforce of 1,200 staff based at 76 locations across the service area.

Key Facts

  • Between 2011 and 2017, Serco provided secure transport and Escort services to the Western Australian State Government, serving communities across the state’s 2.5 million square kilometres.
  • In 2016 Serco managed 45,000 transports and achieved a 99-100% delivery across nine key performance indicators in Western Australia.
  • We managed 31 secure escort vehicles and introduced into service three new generation, custom-designed secure vehicles.
  • To support this secure transport service, Serco applied technology used by our Court Escorting team in the United Kingdom, known as SERS. This electronic recording system was modified to integrate with the Department’s technology and provide a more robust and transparent service to our customer.

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